Breath: Science to Samadhi Immersion at Kripalu!

I am happy to be volunteering on the production team for the Breath: Science to Samadhi Immersion at Kripalu! Sounds like an amazing event and I would not miss it. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and/or helping.

“One conscious, optimal breath can transform you and the world. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of ancient and modern practices that cultivate conscious, optimal breathing. The international faculty is drawn from pioneers in the movement and newly emerging leaders.

This highly experiential, collaborative, and innovative program explores the potential of breath as:
*The unifying language of the human species
*Friend, healer, teacher, lover, awakener
*Guide and nutrient for enhanced relationship resonance, parenting, sexuality, creativity, service, and social activism
*Medicine for physical, emotional, and cognitive imbalance
*The doorway to consciousness and enlightenment.

Breakout sessions cover a variety of breath modalities, offer information on becoming a breathworker, and provide supervision from master breathworkers. Join us for healing, personal growth, spiritual development, enhanced creativity, increased intelligence and wisdom, improved relational harmony, attuned access to intuition, heightened mystical realization, and fully participating in building a healthier world together.

*Note This program is ideal for everyone, including beginners, health professionals interested in incorporating breathwork into their practices, and master breathworkers who want to expand the breadth and depth of their knowledge.