New resilience-building class!

Breath-centered Practices for Resilience

WHY: If you want to master stress rather than escape it, this class is for you. From world leaders to homemakers, from cyber-citizens to those living off the grid, resilience training can make the difference between mere survival and thriving, between being stressed out by the daily tempest and surfing the tempest like a master. If you want to create a stronger inner gyroscope–with less wobble, this class is definitely for you.

WHAT: A short yoga practice to prepare the body for breathwork and meditation. Breath and meditation techniques for building mental and emotional resilience. This is not a traditional pranayama class; we will combine ancient techniques with cutting-edge research from the military and law enforcement.

WHERE: Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring, Maryland

WHEN: Mondays 7:40-8:40pm

FIRST CLASS: March 20, 2017

WHO: Joseph R. Roberson (my contact email is:

Societal and Global Coherence: Let It Begin With Me

Explains the science behind HeartMath.

Inner Balance for iOS

I have been using their Inner Balance app on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac for a while now. I can tell you that this works! While the most obvious technique you learn is slow, deep breathing, the more important aspect in HeartMath is to consciously generate positive feelings. The synchronization of breathing pace and heart beat results in ‘coherence,’ while focusing on positive feelings, such as gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, love, elevates an otherwise dry technique into the cultivation of joy. There are many benefits to this practice. I know I feel much better when I do it. I feel more energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and proactive.

The app is very easy and simple. I highly recommend that you try this!