Can breathwork ‘cure’ PTSD, trauma, and racism?

Can breathwork ‘cure’ racism and other kinds of harmful bias?

Question from Stan Grof, pioneer in breathwork field and creator of Holotropic Breathing: “I wonder if you can say something about two aspects of the effect of the holotropic state on consciousness that are important from a therapeutic perspective…”

Dr. Dan Siegel on how Holotropic Breathing works from a neuroscientist’s perspective, in terms of brain anatomy and physiology.

How does Holotropic Breathing work? How is it that–regardless of the individuals’ background, age, race, culture, nationality, etc. the ‘holotropic state’ so consistently:

A) Provides conscious access to memories and other mental contents that are normally inaccessible to the conscious mind, and

B) Functions as a kind of radar in that it consistently seems to ‘select’ and activate material from the unconscious with extreme emotional charge– memories from traumatic events which have never been resolved?

*Recorded in 2015