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Cultivate health, wellness, and vitality by simply breathing in for six seconds and out for six seconds. Just a few minutes of Coherent Breathing produces a feel-good state of inner harmony. Practice daily to create health, wellbeing, and joy; these three audio tracks provide everything you need to get there.

Track #1: Introduction (2:00)

Track #2: Guided Practice (9:19)

Track #3: Coherent Breathing Symphony (25:23) sample on Soundcloud

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How it works: You cannot control the heart’s rhythm, but you can control your breathing. Coherent Breathing synchronizes the heart’s rhythm with breathing rhythm. The resulting coherence increases heart rate variability (HRV)–a widely-accepted measure of health. Low heart rate variability correlates to stress, a depressed immune system, and many stress-related illnesses. Learn more: “An Introduction To Coherent Breathing,” by Stephen Elliott.

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CD label

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About Coherent Breathing
About Coherent Breathing

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