We are never not broken

Akhilandeshvari by Paola Suarez
Akhilandeshvari by Paola Suarez

Transformation, in my experience, sometimes requires navigating through some nasty territory: “Joe, watch out for the alligators!” my friend Rich counseled me one day during my divorce. I’ve come to realize that the real value of meditation, breathwork, etc., is the way it builds resilience, the way it strengthens the ‘inner gyroscope.’ Resilience is only going to become more important as life speeds up and as we gain more and more power by way of technology. Resilience and transformative learning are what I strive to teach.

She who is never not broken. Akhilandeshvari is a Goddess whose power is in the heartbreak, the soulbreak, and all the breaks life deals us. Now that I know of her, I am grateful to have Akhilandeshvari’s energy to work with when I feel shattered and broken. She reminds me to see these times as opportunities to grow and remake myself. -Paola Suarez

Never Not Broken

Akhilandeshwari reminds us that in transitions, when we are metamorphosing and are no longer the caterpillar and not yet the butterfly, there is a wonderful opportunity to choose how we want to put ourselves back together. How will we recreate ourselves? How will we transform our old hurts, current pains, and future goals? How will we ever grow and change if we already had this all figured out? We are constantly breaking down to build back up an authentic self.


Hindi goddess Akhilandeshvari
Hindi goddess Akhilandeshvari
"Watch out for the alligators, Joe!" -Joseph Roberson 2012
“Watch out for the alligators, Joe!” -Joseph Roberson 2012
Akhilandeshvari Nataraj -Joseph Roberson 2014
Akhilandeshvari Nataraj -Joseph Roberson 2014
Akhilandeshvari & Wheel of Fortune -Joseph Roberson 2014

New resilience-building class!

Breath-centered Practices for Resilience

WHY: If you want to master stress rather than escape it, this class is for you. From world leaders to homemakers, from cyber-citizens to those living off the grid, resilience training can make the difference between mere survival and thriving, between being stressed out by the daily tempest and surfing the tempest like a master. If you want to create a stronger inner gyroscope–with less wobble, this class is definitely for you.

WHAT: A short yoga practice to prepare the body for breathwork and meditation. Breath and meditation techniques for building mental and emotional resilience. This is not a traditional pranayama class; we will combine ancient techniques with cutting-edge research from the military and law enforcement.

WHERE: Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring, Maryland

WHEN: Mondays 7:40-8:40pm

FIRST CLASS: March 20, 2017

WHO: Joseph R. Roberson (my contact email is: joeATjosephroberson.com)

The iBook is coming along!

Courage, Wisdom, Serenity through breath-centered practices
Courage, Wisdom, Serenity through breath-centered practices

SvaDharma means…

Having confidence in your dream and the courage to pursue it. That’s SvaDharma!

Dream the impossible. Pursue it like a madman. Relinquish every expectation about any of it actually turning out the way you dreamed.


It is far better to pursue your own dream, your own destiny, your own “Personal Legend,” than to pursue one prescribed for you by others. There is infinitely more value–to yourself, to those around you, and to the world–than to go along with the fate laid out for you others. Even if they really do have your best interest at heart. That’s going to hell in a handbasket!

Even if you fail miserably at accomplishing your SvaDharma, you succeed in living with authenticity, courage, and faith. That’s worth more than gold.

So, friend, be brave. Stay hungry. Stay just foolish enough to hazard something you have no idea idea how to accomplish. Be bold. Remember that there are forces hovering nearby anxiously waiting the signal to flow in and assist. The moment you commit, the moment you take a stand for your highest and deepest desire, miracles commence. Expect them!

Sounding Breath workshop

Listen to the short (1:15) audio description… Topics:
~ So Ham: The sound of breathing
~ Toning the chakras
~ MahaMrityunjaya Mantra
~ Kirtan Kriya

Sounding Breath:
Sunday July 17, 2016
Sky House Yoga
Silver Spring, Maryland

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Looking Forward!
Joseph R. Roberson, aka YogaJoe

How I fell into altered states at 14

Join me for the next Altered States workshop coming up on Sunday, June 19, 2016 from 2:30-4:30pm at Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring, Maryland.

We will employ Kundalini Yoga and Osho’s NadaBrahama Meditation–with gong music and a guided chakra journey–to experience:

    This Body as vibration, as radiant tuning fork
    This Heart as the source of love
    Transpersonal inter-being in group vibration
    Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being, Experiencing, Bliss)

Click here to register! Look for more info coming soon…

In this short (1:20) recording, I describe my first experience with altered states at the age of 14. I hope you find it entertaining.

Looking forward!
Joseph, aka YogaJoe

Homeostasis vs Growth

There are two fundamental movements that drive all life forms, and indeed all of existence: homeostasis and growth. Homeostasis, here represented by the circle, is the basic urge for stability and survival that governs behavior in all living organisms from the one-celled eukaryote to the trillion-celled human. Growth is here represented by the movement of the circle forward along the time axis. Growth is the expression of the urge to execute the purposes of the organism, such as reproduction (although reproduction can be viewed from a higher level as the homeostatic mechanism to maintain the stability of the species), and evolution of the species towards more successful organisms.

The Chakra system can be pictured as this same movement of circles along an axis: each realm of life is one circle, one chakra, and the seven chakras all share the same axis, which is the Shushumna, the spinal cord. Each chakra regulates one realm of life and maintains homeostasis. The forward-moving thrust towards growth and fulfillment that results in the development of higher capacities of mind, self and consciousness is, in yoga, called Kundalini. Kundalini is maybe even synonymous with the fundamental movement forward of all of existence which we call evolution.

Life moves in daily cycles of work and rest, eat and sleep, cycles that yoga helps me maintain by regulating exercise, diet, and by getting sufficient rest. Life moves forward in a straight line, never repeating the same day twice. In order to make forward progress toward the fulfillment of my aspirations, dreams and possibilities I must maintain stable habits.

I don’t understand how anyone can stay on course, much less stay healthy, without yoga and meditation, or something that satisfies the need to maintain homeostasis- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I don’t understand how anyone can stay on course towards their life mission, towards the fulfillment of their SvaDharma, their exuberant expression of the potential of this one life, without the centering practices of yoga.