Try taking a breath break between tasks today!

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One of my favorite ways to use breathwork during the day is to take a short “breath break” between tasks. This works especially well when, as is the case right now, I’ve run out of concentration and feel agitated about what I just did–and I’m not feeling ready to take on my next task. I suppose I’m describing anxiety. Anyway, I recommend you try this out. Every so often, like between one task and the next, pause and shift your attention onto breathing for a few rounds.

Feel the breath with every sense. Relish the physical sensations as you breathe in and out. Listen to the inhale–doesn’t it sound a bit like “sssssoooo”? Listen to the exhale–doesn’t it sound like “hhhhhaaaaa”? This sound of breathing is where the So Hum mantra comes from.

Here’s a little detail that really makes a breath break refreshing: when you exhale, do it with your mouth relaxed and open, and allow the “hhhhaaa” sound to express your intention to release all tension. Drop every thought, worry, concern. Drop it!

Although it takes only a minute, I find these breath breaks refresh my energy. Very quickly, I am able to turn my energy to the next thing with renewed enthusiasm. I hope it will for you, too!


Author: Joseph Roberson

Artist. Yogi. Teacher. Writer. Instructional Designer.

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